Youth & Family Fun

5-22-20  – Episode 8  – Topic:  Senior Grads (Video)

5-8-20  – Episode 7  – Topic:  Mother’s Day (Video)

Click here for a Mother’s Day activity

5-1-20  – Episode 6  – Topic:  May Day (Video)

4-24-20  – Episode 5  – Topic:  Baptism part 2 (Video)

Click here for a Baptism Dove Craft
Click here for a Baptism activity

Read Jesus’ Baptism on page 242 of your Spark Story Bible or Read Matthew 3:13-17

Discussion Questions:
1.  Who baptized Jesus?
2.  Where was Jesus baptized?
3.  What form did the Spirit of God take when Jesus was baptized?
4. How are you a great joy of God’s life?
5.  What do you like most about watching a baptism?
6.  Think about the place where baptisms happen in your church.  Talk about what makes it a holy place.

4-17-20  – Episode 4  – Topic: Baptism (Video)

4-10-20  – Episode 3  – Topic: Easter Sunday (Video)

Click here for Easter Story Cookies (as seen in the video)

Click here for Easter Story Snack Mix
Click here for a Jesus Word Scramble
Click here for the Word Scramble answer key

Read Matthew 28:1-10

Discussion Questions:
1. Who were the first disciples to visit the tomb? (Mary Magdalene and the other Mary)
2. When did they go to visit the tomb? (After the Sabbath – or Sunday morning.)
3. How would you react if you visited a grave of a loved one today, and found it empty? How did the two women react? (They were afraid)
4. What happened to the guards? (When they saw the angel, they were afraid and fell as if dead.)
5. What did the angel say to the women? (see Matthew 28:5,6)
6. Once the women understood that Jesus was alive and they would see Him again, how did they react? (They were filled with joy and hurried to tell the others.)


4-3-20  – Episode 2  – Topic: Palm Sunday (Video)

Activities to do as a family:

  • Click here for a link to the palm cross craft
  • Click here for a downloadable crossword puzzle
  • Read Matthew 21:1-11 (The Triumphal Entry)
    Discussion Questions
    1. What did Jesus say his disciples would find in the village? (Donkey and her colt.)
    2. How did the disciples prepare the donkey for Jesus? (They laid their cloaks or clothes on them.)
    3. What did the crowds spread on the road before Jesus? (Some laid cloaks, others branches.)
    4. What did the people shout? Why did they do this? (They shouted Hosanna, Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! because they were full of joy.)
    5. If you were among the crowds, how would you have shown your joy when you saw Jesus?

    6. Why do you think Jesus was riding on a donkey? Why not a horse? (To show humility.)

3-27-20  – Episode 1  – Topic: Kindness (Video)