Monday, September 18, 2017


  1. The meeting was called to order by FLC Council Vice-President Belinda Krysan at 6:33 pm. Attendance was recorded by FLC Council Secretary Kristin Larson. In attendance were: Mollee Tscholl, Kara Heinemann, Belinda Krysan, Joyce Fredin, Karen Szymanowski, Bonnie Trampel, Jo Hanson, Deb Hanson, Pastor Sean Forde, Dean Jensen, Craig Ludtke, Pastor John Holt and Kristin Larson. Steve Schulz arrived shortly after meeting called to order. Absent were: Jens Levisen and Ann Hareid. Quorum. Motion for Adoption of Agenda as printed by Karen Szymanowski and seconded by Joyce Fredin.
  2. Devotions & Prayer— Karen Szymanowski shared about “Arrogance” Phillipians 2: 3-11
  • Open Forum – none


  1. Secretary’s Report
    • Motion for Approval of Council meeting minutes from August 22, 2017 by Bonnie Trampel and seconded by Jo Hanson.


  1. Treasurer’s Report
    • Treasurer Craig Ludtke – Motion to approve August 2017 Financial Reports made by Dean Jensen and seconded by Bonnie Trampel.
    • Motion to approve General Fund checks numbered 18851 through 18938 for August Bills in the amount of $37,069.96 and Net Payroll in the amount of $28,290.89, checks numbered 1731 through 1734 from the Endowment Checking in the amount of $8,833.34 and checks numbered 2167 through 2169 from the Designated Checking in the amount of $1,740.99 made by Joyce Fredin and seconded by Karen Szymanowski.


  1. Church Administrator’s Report
  • New Member: Dee Westrum – Dean Jensen made a motion to accept the membership transfer and seconded by Mollee Tscholl
  • Hurricane Harvey- FLC member Marilee Gustitus’s daughter Erin Gustitius-Wilson’s in-laws lost everything, can we help? Much discussion about this. General giving to Red Cross. Possible “list” of needs and give directly to them. Possible ideas are a gift card. Helping Families Fund? Fundraise also? Motion to approve $1000 Visa Card from the Helping Families Fund to be sent to the family immediately and a Special OutReach Cause on a 5th Sunday by Karen, seconded by Deb
  • Update on things Kara is working on: Reminder of retreat Sept 30 9a-3p. Ministry Review Team. Cleaning Team Sept 23, Oct 7. Need Help to Clean. Working really hard on the budget. Final numbers not until end of September. Personnel Budget and Benefits takes much time. Haiti trip 9 people going, Oct 12 Spaghetti dinner, Tshirt sale, update on Breckyn went to St Louis recently great news received. Walking 70-75% of the time with his walker.


  • Pastors Report
  • ELCA Where does my Money Go? When we give to ELCA…information handout shared with council members. Pastor John shared a few points from the handout.
  • Confirmation: 10 confirmands this year. Their sense of “God’s with me” is a joy to know. Agape Dinner is Saturday. Confirmation Sunday is the next day
  • Reformation Study on Tuesday nights at 7pm & Wednesday mornings at 9:30am for 7 weeks.
  • Connections: Fall Cleanup and Trunk or Treat.
  • Immersion has begun.
  • Rally Sunday Service: shared long range power point, Suggestion Box for our space use, Long Range Planning & Implementation Team members are Chad Adams, Vicki Anderson, Mark Light, Dave VanFossen and Ginny Larson.
  • Narrative Lectionary will be used. Historical of Israel. New Testament Historicity. Lectionary is available.


  • Business, Planning & Action Items
    • Ministry Team Report —Steve and Jo Information is being gathered from other churches, ELCA and other churches. Goals are to try to build a more flexible structure in the church. How does our Council do business? Push nitty gritty details to ministry teams. Council more long range and provide guidance. Jo: 4 churches constitutions received. Pastor John had some ideas for them to discuss. Constitutional review: Many different ideas discussed at their meeting. Diane Damerow will be working on “teams”. Still in the discussion stages. We are being very careful. Interim period will be necessary before any changes are finalized. Any suggestions/input are welcome.
    • Centennial Celebration plan: Any interest in helping? Trying to recruit. Community Engagement? FLCW Cookbook? Historical Display Team? Technology Team? Worship Music Team? Anniversary Day September 19 Service?
    • Additional Centennial Ideas: Gift shop/Book Store short term goal for 2019, 2 years from now…ribbon cutting for gift shop? Is this possible? Where will it be located? Cost for doing? We don’t want to cause a problem for our budget? We NEED someone stepping up to support this vision. We can share the vision but the people need to embrace it and council encouragement. MUCH DISCUSSION on Long Range Planning and Short Range Planning. It’s DOABLE with everyone’s help.
    • 2018 Preliminary Budget Proposal was shared on Overhead by Church Administrator Kara Heinemann. No Handouts received. Much discussion on the Budget Proposal. We need to start this NOW! Double our giving is very much needed. Craig, Steve and Mollee (and Kara) will be talking to members. Kara will set up a meeting via Doodle. The first 3 weeks in October will be focused on INCREASING our GIVING. Possible start September 24. Craig shared that Hosanna Lutheran had an entire series on Giving. It was a huge success.
    • Seminary Student Fund Policy and Procedures – Pastor John Table til next month.
    • Advance planning for next meeting, Monday October 16, 2017. Devotions: Craig Ludtke for Kristin
    • Items: 1)         2018 Budget                                                                                                               2) Seminary Student Fund Policy & Procedures

3) Centennial Celebration Plan                      4)


  1. Reports from any Commissions, Council Members or Others Ministry
  • Education: none
  • Youth: garden project, tomatoes & carrots still need to be harvested, 300 lbs donated 2 compassion international, 2 info meetings NYG approximate 20, more money needed, service project 2nd 3rd floor
  • Property met because this years/next years money already dedicated. Not looking for new projects. Members will volunteer when they can. Bob Hershey said the roof was replaced 1947-ish. Maintenance is being done semi/annually.
  • Social getting ready for Ingathering October 14
  • FLCW issuing a check for $580 to scrip loan. Encourage SCRIP cards, the church receives a % back. Purchased 8500 sold 7500. It’s just Prepaying for your groceries/etc but then FLC also receives a %. The % to the church varies from 3-12%.
  • Personnel will meet Wednesday
  • Evangelism picture for billboard for Christmas season, muffins second Tuesday 15 dozen minimum
  • Endowment meet in October
  • Life & Growth Joyce we have 3 new members for orientation in October
  • Joyce Fredin, kitchen center will be stocked before Sunday
  • Stewardship insert for the bulletin on Sunday re: Preferred Communication, giving methods
  • WMA Oct 6 concert harpist/Italian tenor, Nov 22, Nov 29 advent recitals – Dec 13, Dec 8 Hanging of the Greens, new communion helpers, new member on our commission Mary Ellen Johnson
  • Welcome Ministry nothing report, new representative Judy Worth on the council
  • Ministry report begins next month
  • Kristin will be absent next month and Craig Ludtke will be the secretary pro-tem.


  1. Heard any good jokes lately? None
  2. Pastor John – Closing with Prayer requests and The Lord’s Prayer. Closing Litany was done with members of the council.
  • Adjournment



Respectfully Submitted,

Kristin M Larson, FLC Council Secretary