Monday, October 16, 2017


  1. The meeting was called to order by FLC Council President Steve Schulz at 6:33 pm. Attendance was recorded by Acting FLC Council SecretaryIn attendance were: Mollee Tscholl, Kara Heinemann, Belinda Krysan, Joyce Fredin, Bonnie Trampel, Jo Hanson, Deb Hanson, Pastor Sean Forde, Dean Jensen, Craig Ludtke, Ann Hareid and Pastor John Holt. Absent were: Jens Levisen and Karen Symanowski. Quorum. Motion for Adoption of Agenda as printed by Joyce Fredin and seconded by Jo Hanson.
  2. Devotions & Prayer— Mollee Tscholl shared about her faith journey and read from” Proverbs 9:10
  • Open Forum – none


  1. Secretary’s Report
    • Motion for Approval of Council meeting minutes from September 18, 2017 by Dean and seconded by Craig.



  1. Treasurer’s Report
    • Treasurer Craig Ludtke – Motion to approve September 2017 Financial Reports made by Mollee Tscholl and seconded by Bonnie Trampel.
    • Motion to approve General Fund checks numbered 18939 through 19025 for September Bills in the amount of $37,741.83 and Net Payroll in the amount of $28,949.46, checks numbered 1735 through 1737 from the Endowment Checking in the amount of $7,833.34 and checks numbered 2170 through 2173 from the Designated Checking in the amount of $686.19 made by Jo Hanson and seconded by Dean Jensen.


  1. Church Administrator’s Report
  • New Member: Dan and Ariana Liebsch and Daughters Emery and Ellison – Bonnie Trampel made a motion to accept the new members and seconded by Craig Ludtke.
  • Hurricane Harvey- Thank you received from the Wilson family in Texas for the $1000 Visa Gift Card. Thank you was passed around.
  • Endowment committee recommended we have an external audit. Kara has been getting cost estimates as there are levels of audit and each has a different price.  Recently audits have been done internally by Larry Trampel and Jim Anderson.  Kara will report back at next meeting.


  • Pastors Report
  • Confirmation: Confirmands were invited to meet with Pastor Holt post confirmation service. Four were able to attend.


  • Business, Planning & Action Items
    • Centennial Celebration plan: Jo reported two people volunteered, Cindy Gandrud and Martha Tasker. Belinda reported one volunteer, Katie Davis.  A meeting to flesh out committees will be held soon.
    • 2018 Budget Proposal and Endowment Budget Handouts were distributed by Church Administrator Kara Heinemann. Discussion followed. Craig and Kara pointed out various changes.  Requests by commissions were entered as requested.  Increase in endowment amount enabled cuts to be avoided.  General Budget Proposed Income in the amount of $847,300 was presented for approval.  Motion made by Dean Jensen and seconded by Jo Hanson.  Motion carried.  Broadcast Proposed Budget in the amount of $62,200 was presented. Motion to approve made by Mollee Tscholl and seconded by Bonnie Trampel.  Motion carried. The Endowment Proposed Budget in the amount of $223,670 was presented.  Motion to approve was made by Jo Hanson and seconded by Deb Hanson.  Motion carried.
    • Seminary Student Fund Policy and Procedures – Pastor John – Table until next month.
    • Advance planning for next meeting, Monday November 20, 2017. Devotions: Kristin Larson
    • Items: 1)         Centennial Celebration Plan                                                   2) Seminary Student Fund Policy & Procedures

3) Ministry Team Report                                4)


  1. Reports from any Commissions, Council Members or Others Ministry
  • Education: Fly Halloween party coming up and very busy!
  • Youth: Sean gave a update. National Youth gathering has 19 kids going.
  • Property: Nothing to report/
  • Social: In gathering went well with the young kids help.
  • FLCW: Congregation invited to submit names for the cookbook.  Winner will receive a free one.  Still asking for stories and memories from members.  Form will be available.
  • Personnel: Nothing to report. Upcoming reviews and meetings
  • Evangelism: Billboard near China Buffet restaurant will be up during Advent.
  • Endowment: Nothing to report
  • Life & Growth: New member orientation October 29th at 9:30 and have 5 new families
  • Stewardship: Temple talks went well. Still working on forms of communication.  Two articles will appear in the November Messenger on stewardship.  Still planning drive during Lenten season.
  • WMA: 9:15 Service will be in the Sanctuary on Reformation Sunday
  • Welcome Ministry: Nothing to report.


  1. Heard any good jokes lately? Joyce Fredin shared a joke.
  2. Pastor John – Closing with Prayer requests and The Lord’s Prayer. Closing Litany was done with members of the council.
  • Adjournment



Respectfully Submitted,

, FLC Council Secretary


2017—Planning Schedule for Special Outreach Causes for special offerings—2017
January LWR-Disaster Relief July Compassion International
February Helping Families Fund August  Snack Cart Scholarships
March Noisy Offering–Sal. Army Food Shelf September Transportation for LWR
April SEMCAC-Homeless Shelter October  Haiti Mission Trip
May ShineFest November Noisy Offering–Sal. Army Food Shelf & Kids Backpacks
June Hospice –Albert Lea December  Soles for Jesus