Monday, October 15, 2018


  1. Called to Order by Steve Schulz at 6:30pm, Attendance recorded, Present: Pastor John, Steve Schulz, Kara Heinemann, Mollee Tscholl, Belinda Krysan, Karen Hovde, Joyce Fredin, Karen Szymanowksi, Deb Hanson, Bonnie Tampel, Donna Ludtke, Pastor Sean, Dean Jensen, and Craig Ludtke. Absent was Jens Levisen, Ann Hareid, and Kristin Larson. Quorum & Motion for Adoption of Agenda as printed with additions of Judy Worth and Don Kropp speaking by Dean J and seconded by Bonnie T. Approved.
  2. Devotions & Prayer— Craig Ludtke shared “Life without good deeds is dead” James 2:14-22
  • Open Forum – Don Kropp shared thoughts on Ministry Team Review. Council accepted comments and will review further.


  1. Secretary’s Report –
    • Motion for Approval of Council meeting minutes from September 17, 2018 by Deb H. and seconded by Bonnie T. Approved.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Craig
    • Motion for Approval of September 2018 Financial Report by Joyce F. and seconded by Karen S. Approved.
    • September Checks

General Fund Amount:        $137,144.08

Endowment Fund Amount:   $27,907.94

Designated Fund Amount:    $80,711.12


  1. Church Administrators Report – Pastor John
    • Gift Shop coming along. Items being purchased. Open date estimated for November.
    • Kara has been working on the budget.
    • Youth room coming along. Jordan hopes to use this Wednesday. Rod has been working on the room, he has a strong focus on safety.


  • Pastors Report – Pastors John and Sean
  • Pastor John: Have been busy with pastoral care and end of life care. October 1 meeting with the Synod went well. Ann Peterson, Synod Vice President was present in church yesterday and went well. World Hunger Appeal
  • Pastor Sean: Outreach to high school Key Club, has 65 students participating. Privileged to be on the Luther Seminary Board. Continued partnership with our community. Personal commitment to keep lines of communication open to congregation, there has been four update meetings in four months.




  • Business, Planning & Action Items
    • 2019 Proposed budget presented to council. Discussed budget items. Motion for Approval of 2019 Budget by Karen S. and seconded by Deb H. Life and Growth Team will be providing Stone Soup Meal at annual meeting on November 11, 2018, proceeds will go to the Backpack Program.
    • Judy Worth on the Welcome Ministry Team approached council asking the council to assist with the Welcome Center. Pastor Sean and Judy will make up a calendar.
    • Safety and Security Team- Pastor John reported Norm Fredin and Ken Damerow are working on a plan and policy, they will present to council.
    • Nominating Committee: council to present three members and one replacement member. Members need to be in place by first of the year. Council members to bring names to next council meeting.
    • Preliminary Personnel Proposal-will place on Advance Planning for next meeting
  •  Council members will present Temple Talks on October 21, 28 and November 4th regarding Mission Forward


Advance planning for next meeting, Monday November 19, 2018-Belinda Krysan

Items:     1)         Safety Committee                                                       2) Nominating committee 3 members & 1 replacement

3) Preliminary Personnel Proposal    4) Special Outreach causes for 2019


  1. Reports from Teams, Committees or Others
    • Joyce from Life and Growth Team shared she visited with five families that are potential new members. New Member Orientation Class will be on November 4th.
    • Bonnie T. from Social Ministry Team shared the Inn Gathering went well, the truck is filled ¾ full!
    • Karen H from FLCW shared the dates of the lefse bake, it will be held on October 23, 24, and 25th. They are also working on the Holidays Ahead event on November 17, 2018.


  1. Heard any good jokes lately? Pastor John shared some light hearted jokes.
  2. Closing—Prayer requests, Prayers & The Lord’s Prayer led by Pastor John.
  • Adjournment at 8:41pm


Respectfully submitted,


Belinda Krysan, Church Council Vice President