Monday, November 20, 2017


  1. Called to Order by Council President Steve Schulz at 6:35pm, Attendance was recorded, Quorum noted & Motion for Adoption of Agenda with additions by Dean H/Jo H


Present were: Pastor John Holt, Kristin Larson, Craig Ludtke, Steve Schulz, Kara Heinemann, Belinda Krysan, Mollee Tscholl, Joyce Fredin, Karen Szymanowski, Deb Hanson, Jo Hanson, Dean Jenson, Jens Levisen, Davis Gilbertson and Pastor Sean Forde. Absent were: Ann Hareid, Bonnie Trampel


  1. Devotions & Prayer— Kristin Larson shared “Putting the Thanks back in Thanksgiving” based on Psalms 118:1
  • Open Forum (if any)— Randy Nichol joined the meeting re: Bibles for Accompong Jamaica


  1. Secretary’s Report
    • Approval of Council meeting minutes with additions from October 16, 2017 by Joyce F/Karen S.


  1. Treasurer’s Report
    • Motion for approval of October 2017 Financial Report made/seconded by Jens/Deb.
    • Mollee Tscholl made a motion for mailing financial updates of giving thru April and thru August annually. Seconded by Dean Jenson.
    • Motion for Approval of General Fund checks numbered 19026 through 19115 for October Bills in the amount of $28,109.02 and Net Payroll in the amount of $32,567.23. Checks numbered 1738 through 1743 from the Endowment Checking in the amount of $7,757.67.  Checks numbered 2174 through 2179 from the Designated Checking in the amount of $9,739.25. by Jo/Jens


  1. Church Administrator’s Report- for Kara Heinemann
    • Presentation of Checks each month will be a lump sum dollar figure. Motion to approve this method by Karen and seconded by Jo. Approved.
    • Centennial Celebration Update: we currently have 6 teams to help plan our celebratory year (Historical Display, Community Engagement, Worship and Music, Technology, Gift Shop and Anniversary Celebration)
    • Hours of Building and Office (Sun 7a-12n, Mon-Thurs 7a-8:30p, Fri 8a-4:45p, Sat 8a-12n)
    • Audit Update- Agreed Upon Procedures was suggested and would fit our needs. Kara will email the council with more details. Two firms gave quotes.
    • Motion for 2 New Families to become members was made by Deb H and seconded by Joyce F. The families are: Jennifer Nilges and her children Sarah McCormick, Bill Kraft, Hannah Kraft and Colleen Nelson.


  • Pastors Report
  • Council Christmas Gathering at Pastor & Mrs. Holt’s home on Sunday, December 10.


  • Business, Planning & Action Items
  •   Special Outreach Calendar for 2018: Input choices given by the 7 commissions & FLCW
  • 5 Short Term Goals for 2018: Pink handout (Kids bags, Website communicated, reconstruction of ministry teams, graduating seniors mentored by confirmed members and reach out to inactive members)
  • Seminary Student Fund Policy and Procedures- Pastor John presented a draft – proposal (modeled after his home church) with a few changes made by the council. He will present to the council again in December.
  • Discussion for providing money to purchase 300 Bibles was discussed by the council. The council had much more input. In the end, a Motion was made by Dean Jenson and seconded by Jo Hanson to provide JAYCOM with $1000 to purchase the Bibles and use the remaining money to help where needed.
  • Advance planning for next meeting, Monday December 18, 2017, Devotions: Jo Hanson
  • Items: 1)         Seminary Fund Update                               2) Seminary Fund Policy & Procedures

3)  Outreach Calendar for 2018       4)


  1. Reports from any commission, committee, or officers


  1. Heard any good jokes lately?
  2. Closing—Prayer requests, Prayers & The Lord’s Prayer, closing Litany
  • Adjournment at 8:57pm



Respectfully submitted,


Kristin Larson, FLC Council Secretary

With notes shared from Jo Hanson



2017—Planning Schedule for Special Outreach Causes for special offerings—2017
January LWR-Disaster Relief July Compassion International
February Helping Families Fund August  Snack Cart Scholarships
March Noisy Offering–Sal. Army Food Shelf September Transportation for LWR
April SEMCAC-Homeless Shelter October  Haiti Mission Trip
May ShineFest November Noisy Offering–Sal. Army Food Shelf & Kids Backpacks
June Hospice –Albert Lea December  Soles for Jesus