Monday, May 15, 2017

  1. The FLC council meeting was called to order by outgoing President Chad Adams at 6:30pm., Council Secretary Kristin Larson recorded the attendance, Introduction of all Members present (current & incoming) Chad Adams, Steve Schulz, Jo Hanson, Pastor Sean Forde, Mollee Tscholl, Belinda Krysan, Karen Szymanowski, Cindy Gilbert, Bonnie Trampel, Deb Hanson, Dorothy Blom, Tom Hovde, Joyce Fredin, Ann Hareid, Dean Jensen, Craig Ludtke, Pastor John Holt and Kristin Larson. Absent were Joe LaFrance and Jens Levisen. Quorum & Motion for Adoption of Agenda approval by Cindy Gilbert and seconded by Dean Jensen. Approved.
  2. Devotions & Prayer— Steve Schulz shared “Resolving Conflict” Galations 6:1
  • Open Forum – none
  1. Secretary’s Report
    • Approval of Council meeting minutes from April 17, 2017 by Craig/Bonnie
    • Review of Congregation meeting minutes from May 9, 2017 No Action needed.
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    • April 2017, Financial Reports were explained and overall we are doing very well! Motion to accept by Dean Jensen second by Cindy Gilbert.
    • Approval of General Fund checks numbered 18459 through 18564 for April bills in the amount of $51,270.23 and Net Payroll in the amount of $31,857.81. Checks numbered 1706 through 1710 from the Endowment Checking in the amount of $12,873.32.  Checks numbered 2133 through 2140 from the Designated Checking in the amount of $10,304.70.  Motion to approve by Tom Hovde, seconded by Bonnie Trampel.
  3. Church Administrator’s Report- for Kara Heinemann (Pastor John)
  • Devotional Signup sheet new council members was passed around during the beginning of the meeting.
  • Outline of Kara’s time away for their son, Breckyn’s surgery & therapy. Started on his therapy.
  • Pastors Report
    • ELCA Video (4:49) fundraising campaign
    • Request from LSS of MN to support Camp Noah for flood victim children. Shared the letter and discussed the impact that the children have encountered. Will
    • Other (Pastor Sean) End of our first “season” of ministry. Just wanted to say Thank you. Messenger article “Leadership is a joint thing”. Looking forward to the summer months. We have great things coming up. Encourage you that when you vision FLC go things coming up. Planting a garden to feed the homeless, Golf event coming up. Pastor John complimented Pastor Sean with his fresh eyes for seeing new vision.
  • Business, Planning & Action Items
    • Steeple and Tuck Pointing Campaign- Dean Jensen Council authorized $ at last meeting. Met with Kar Tuck Pointing. Scheduled them to move forward. Will begin in 2018. We have another building problem. The limestone arches are cracking/crumbling. Kar looked it over. It’s worse that he thought. They will submit a separate bid. If they backplastered inside/epoxy and seal on the outside this should last another 25 years. Waiting to hear back about the quote. Where was the $103,000 (88000 this year, 16,000 next year) Initially the FLC budget would pay for it but we should have a capital campaign to replenish those funds. If we work on this campaign, we could “launch” it around Rally Sunday 2017. Legacy Funding would be a great idea. Endowments? Build the church prosperity would be in Endowments. Most powerful dollar! Chad Adams said he’s still checking into the “National Registry” possibility for the Long Range planning.
    • Seminary Student Fund policy and procedures-Chad Adams Next step: Joint meeting with the Personnel Committee and Executive Committee. Advanced planning for June 2017.
    • Orientation for New Council Members and commission members? Ideas? Typically we’ve prepared Binders. Agendas, Reports, By-Laws, Leaders info to put in the binder. Archives are in the Vault. Permanent records are kept in the Archives. Strongly encourage “retreats” and give a tour to new members. Chairpersons need contact their members.
    • Revisit Scholarship Guidelines who/what/when Policy/Procedures John by Steve’s acceptance will check into. Advanced planning
    • Constitutional Review planning—Cindy Gilbert shared the LEAD info sheet Advanced Planning
    • Quick review of Special Outreach Cause offerings calendar discussion
    • Choral Scholars Funding if we had $4500 Pastor John is asking for another month to check into possible funds.
    • Other Council Retreat Plan
    • Council tour/orientation
    • Advance planning for next meeting. Monday June 19, 2017. Devotions: Craig Ludtke              
    • Agenda Items:1) Centennial Celebration-Fact Findings- Kara Heinemann




  1. Reports from any commission, committee, officer or pastor


Education – Confirmation ended last Wednesday with Jenny’s (skits on a Bible Story) This week Sunday school ends, scholarship committee awarded scholarships, book fair going on right now. ATOD committee Jenny is a member. Many community members (police, treatment center) come to share with the confirmation groups.


Youth – Kristin gave a quick update in the absence of Jens.


Property– Tuck pointing. New members were already in attendance. Thanks to the nominating committee for finding new members


Social – Ingathering this upcoming Saturday, help is needed. Treats always available for consumption.


FLCW – In connection with WMA, Charles Johnson will be doing a concert on July 30. Tea was a good time. Salad Luncheon June 16


Personnel – Chad shared the employee reviews and Seminary Funds.


Evangelism – DeeAnn Berglund was giving permission to do Breakfast club they will provide muffins again this year


Life & Growth– Tom appreciates Norm & Joyce for their work in his absence. Thursday, June 29 Spuds and Splits coming up in Bethany Hall. Free Will Offering. Profits will be divided between a music fund TBD/seminary funds. Another new member orientation this Sunday 10:30am in the Parlor. Sean, Stephanie & Lee Miller looking forward to joining soon.


Worship Music & Arts- finishing Choir 1st week in June. Concert coming up Charles Johnson, School of music coming up. July 17 – for one week. Choir robes should be coming soon.


President– Current 2017-19 FLC Council members need to be installed at a church service. June 4 8am or 10am will be and Thursday, June 1 6:30pm. Flyer for the 3rd of July parade our Parade of Stars. Interest for Committee for Centennial – Jo Hanson, Kristin Larson, Cindy Gilbert. If interested in joining this Committee, please contact Kara in the office. Parade committee (Ann & Belinda). Personally it’s been a great 4 years serving as VP and President. Great days ahead of us. Will continue to serve on the Endowment Committee and other capacities.


  1. Heard any good jokes lately? Jo Hanson shared. Little boy afraid of the dark. Jesus is always out there. “Hand me the Broom”
  2. Closing—Prayer requests, Prayers & The Lord’s Prayer, closing Litany (on reverse side)
  • Adjournment 8:38pm




2017—Planning Schedule for Special Outreach Causes for special offerings—2017
January LWR-Disaster Relief July Compassion International
February Helping Families Fund August  Snack Cart Scholarships
March Noisy Offering–Sal. Army Food Shelf September Transportation for LWR
April SEMCAC-Homeless Shelter October  Haiti Mission Trip
May ShineFest November Noisy Offering–Sal. Army Food Shelf & Kids Backpacks
June Hospice –Albert Lea December  Soles for Jesus


Respectfully Submitted,


Kristin Larson

FLC Council Secretary