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LWR Ingathering

The LWR Ingathering is a bi-annual (Fall & Spring) event where we park a large semi-trailer in our south parking lot and fill it with boxes of goods and materials for families and communities overseas who are suffering from poverty, natural disasters, or violence. Our Ingathering’s in the past have been a huge success!

  • The Fall LWR Ingathering will be October, 14, 2017.

What can you do?

It’s as easy as filling a box. Then bring it to the church. Don’t just put anything in a box.
  • People need: quilts, school kits, baby care kits, personal care kits, sewing kits, hygiene items. Details about the kits that are needed can be found here: http://lwr.org/getinvolved/kits
  • Please keep boxes under 40 lbs.
  • Boxes can be dropped off at FLC anytime to get loaded on the trailer. Please call in advance if you plan to drop a box off.
You may also come by anytime from 7:30 until noon to help unload boxes from cars and arrange them on the truck.