Monday, June 19, 2017


  1. Called to Order by Vice President Belinda Krysan at 6:30pm. In attendance are Belinda Krysan, Craig Ludtke, Ann Hareid, Mollee Tscholl, Jens Levisen, Karen Szymanowski, Bonnie Trampel, Joyce Fredin, Deb Hanson, Dean Jensen, Jo Hanson, Kara Heinemann, Kristin Larson, John Holt and Jenny Edwin. Absent is Steve Schulz. Quorum & Motion for Adoption of Agenda made by Dean Jensen and seconded by Jo Hanson. Approved.
  2. Devotions & Prayer given by Craig Ludtke – Acknowledge your Blessings…all around you.
  • Open Forum – none


  1. Secretary’s Report
    • Motion for Approval of FLC Council meeting minutes from May 15, 2017 by Deb Hanson, seconded by Bonnie Trampel. Approved.


  1. Treasurer’s Report
    • May 2017, Financial Reports and
    • Approval of General Fund checks numbered 18565 through 18659 for May Bills in the amount of $29,963.55 and Net Payroll in the amount of $27,774.86. Checks numbered 1711 through 1714 from the Endowment Checking in the amount of $7,013.34.  Checks numbered 2141 through 2148 from the Designated Checking in the amount of $5,993.83. Motion by Karen Szymanowski and seconded by Jo Hanson. Approved.


  1. Church Administrator’s Report
  •             2017 Council Retreat Plan In 2015 we worked on team building, set goals. A Doodle will be sent out by Kara Heinemann to decide the date. At the Czech Inn like in 2015.
  • Global Leadership Summit, August 10 and 11th. Deadline for discount June 27th, $99 All day event. Leadership, Teamwork, Atmosphere is amazing. Location is at Crossroads.
    • Scholarship Money for Congregation Members? Use Thrivent Choice dollars? Yes to 9 sponsorship for our members. Motion by Dean Jensen/Joyce Fredin
    • Reviewed the new papers for our council packets, went over the procedures for receiving of Council materials. Once commissions choose their secretaries please send minutes to Kara & JT by the second Tuesday of the month.
    • Security System is up and running.


  • Pastors Report
    • Request from LSS of MN to support Camp Noah for flood victim children. – Pass on this.
    • 4th of July Float Update (Pastor Forde) Belinda read the email received in Pastor Forde’s absence. Trailer by Steve Overgaard, Cross, Star, mounted by Steve Olson, Jenny order candy, supplies, water bottles with church information. Battery operated lights. The Wednesday before at 9am to set up float.
    • Installation of new members unable to attend the church services later in the meeting.
    • Passing around Okoboji Golf info, Tuesday mens study going well. Current preaching series will be finishing up second Sunday of July. Pastor Sean’s new book will be the basis for the remaining Sundays. Passed around yellow card for the Summer 2017. Check it out and use it.
    • Authorize Tim O’Shields to perform weddings. Bishop Delzer – ok’d this change. Passed around the draft. Council to approve Tim to perform weddings. Motion to approve Tim O’Shields to perform weddings. Dean Jensen/Bonnie Trampel. Approved.


  • Business, Planning & Action Items
    • Installation of new council member that was unable to attend worship to be installed by Pastor John.
    • Tour for New council members – DISREGARD
    • Steeple/Tuck Pointing/Bell Tower Campaign- Dean rec’d a separate bid for the bell tower. They did check it out. Worse than they thought it would be, dig out loose mortar, mortar all the cracks, fill in, stucco. Possible 20 years with doing this. Newest $12870 vs original quote of $400000. Dean is asking for authorizing the additional $12870 added to $103272 to the tuck-pointing bid. Repair and maintenance. Motion to approve the additional $12870 for steeple repair. Dean / Jens
    • Seminary Student Fund policy and procedures discussion was supporting our members to attend seminary by paying their whole tuition. Discussion stage right now. Kara and John will work on the procedure policy. Next month will report back.
    • Revisit Scholarship Guidelines passed around tonight. Pastor John discussed bringing members to the council. Who selects the two congregation at-large members? Present the names of all committee. Kara and John will revise the Guidelines and report back. Much DISCUSSION tonight. Decision in July. Joyce shared that Spuds/Splits funds are going to seminary/choral scholarships. Cause of the month. Cause of the day.
    • LEAD/Constitution Review Team
    • Choral Scholars Funding COVERED ABOVE
    • Centennial Celebration plan?
    • Special Giving Opportunities Pastor John sharing the sheet that was given out and included in the July Messenger. Discussion about the accounts that are going well.
    • Corporate Resolution: Updated. Approval. Jo Hanson, Deb Hanson


  • Advance planning for next meeting. Monday July 17, 2017. Devotions: Dean Jensen
  • Items: 1)         Funding source for Choral Scholarship  2)  LEAD/Constitution Review Team

3) Centennial Planning 2019 have Bishop Delzer on our schedule 4) Seminary Policy/Procedures 5) Special giving Opportunities


  1. Reports from any commission, committee, or officers
  • Education & Literature –  took 26 kids to Okoboji, VBS July 24-27 in need of host families for counselors, snacks, Gearing up for Rally Day Sunday
  • Stewardship – Brainstorming, more members are needed, Deb Strosahl will join the commission, going forward ideas, capital funding campaign, emphasize more people to get engaged.
  • Youth & Young Adult – Summer trip leaves Sunday returns 30 voyageur 14 going practice canoeing Tuesday, feed my starving children, garden project 8 youth participating donating to Salvation Army food shelf, Senior recognition 15 graduates attended
  • Worship, Music & Arts – will meet again in August, 3 members dropped off immediately, need members, would like someone to commit to Communion, Tim is planning Advent luncheons
  • Social Ministry – will not meet until September
  • Life & Growth – spuds/splits coming up, 7 people for new members
  • Evangelism
  • Church Property – steeple repair discussions, focus now on the centennial, carpet in gathering space, etc
  • FLCW – successful 197 plates at the luncheon money will be updating kitchen, paying the scrip program, Charles Johnson concert coming up, cookbook is underway, decided around Christmas 2018 to continue celebrating in 2019, 5 attending the triennial in Minneapolis.
  • Personnel – meeting coming up Endowment meeting in July
  • Kara shared an update on Breckyn per council request. Good stuff!! J


  1. Heard any good jokes lately? Jens shared…..Bless You!
  2. Closing—Prayer requests, Prayers & The Lord’s Prayer, closing Litany
  • Adjournment at 8:50pm



Respectfully submitted,


Kristin Larson, FLC Council Secretary