Monday, July 16, 2018


  1. Called to Order by Belinda Krysan 6:31pm. Attendance recorded. Present were: Craig Ludtke, Kara Heinemann, Joyce Fredin, Donna Ludtke, Bonnie Trampel, Deb Hanson, Belinda Krysan, Dean Jenson, Karen Hovde, Pastor Sean, Pastor John and Kristin Larson. Jens Levisen and Mollee Tscholl joined the meeting. Quorum. Absent were: Steve Schulz. MOTION for Adoption of Agenda with changes by Dean/Craig. APPROVED
  2. Devotions & Prayer— Dean Jensen shared from the book, What is the Bible? by Rob Bell
  • Open Forum—none


  1. Secretary’s Report
    • MOTION for Approval of Council meeting minutes from June 18, 2018 with noted changes by Karen S/Bonnie T. APPROVED
    • Review of June 24 Congregational Update Minutes


  1. Treasurer’s Report
    • MOTION for approval of June 2018 Financial Report by Dean/Bonnie. APPROVED


      June Checks

General Fund Amount:  $59,765.50

Endowment Fund Amount:   $10,905.84

Designated Fund Amount:    $19,174.39


  1. Church Administrators Report
  • Budget prep for 2019, working on Personnel budget, each chair will receive a 2019 budget sheet soon.
  • Centennial Committee Meeting was held on Sunday, July 15. 16+ members (6 teams). Sept 23 is the Congregational kickoff from 10:30am-1:00pm, Congregational Centennial Update on September 30 at 11:45am. Teams are: Historical, Community Engagement, Gift Shop, Technology, Anniversary Day, Worship and Music. Budgets for 2018/2019 need to be submitted by August 1.
  • Gift Shop space planning. Small office space by Clark Street entrance. Minimal changes are needed. Small half wall will be removed. Staffed by volunteers. Open to Congregation and the Public. A/C works. Committee will use an iPad to monitor/order the inventory.
  • Endowment Committee met today. Investment committee policy will be talked about. Spotlight on Endowment videos will be done quarterly and shared with Congregation during church services. Any amount is not too small. Chad Adams is no longer a member. Do we need to recruit until May 2019? Pastor John suggests the council appoints or the Nominating Committee. In addition, there is not a member from Finance Committee. Pastor Sean recommends looking for someone but continue to operate as they are currently. They meet quarterly. Council has decided to move forward with the current four members at large.
  • Wish List being put together by Jordan for the New youth room, similar to the nursery.
  • Thank you for your support while I was in Boston with Breckyn. <3


  • Pastors Report (Pastor Sean and Pastor John)
  • Program Updates-Pastor Sean said the whole staff has met and has done a full calendar review.
  • Confirmation date, Communion date, Rally Sunday, Important dates will be passed out to families on Rally Day, Immersion will continue as usual. Immersion will also be listed on the sheet. Invite parents in, Bible study, Centennial pieces being worked on, Centennial Logo being worked on, Stained Glass See-through suncatchers, Visitations with Hospice, Hospitals. Pastoral care is continuing. Enjoying the Peter series. 2 more weeks left then some vacation time in August. Q: Is the content for Sunday School and Confirmation content been reviewed? Pastor Sean shared about Confirmation program: Character Building and Catechism alternates yearly for Confirmation.
  • Pastor John- Committee in the city called Albert Lea Christian Events in September for 10 days – The Tabernacle Experience. They are needing volunteers. Life-size replica Tabernacle. Pastor John shared the brochures.
  • Meetings and planning- Fair service will be held again this year
  • “First Dert” Disaster Early Response Team -Steering committee. Mission statement/Motto. Next steps getting a trailer, recruiting some more people, Minnesota VOAD group, need for pumps? Meaningful opportunities
  • Men’s Group is meeting on Wednesday mornings at Snap Fitness
  • Second floor changes, Property Commission will be meeting with Pastor Sean/Jordan to answer some questions.
  • Ministry – Grief Share (Death) – 10-12 week program? Should we do this? Would be open to the public.
  • Very impressed with Sean’s messages these past weeks
  • Few vacation days coming up in July and August


  • Business, Planning & Action Items
  • Peace and Power Revamp- Pastor Sean. We had visitors from Columbia and we didn’t put forth what we should. We need to take a look at the programming. Our production, lighting, etc. We are not putting forward a great product. We need to SERVE a better product. The cameras need updating. “looks like a recorded 80’s program being played” High Definition cameras are needed for a better quality product. A bid is being sought from Sim Sound. This is something that needs to be on the “front burner”. Cameras actually do wear out. We are one of the very few still with these cameras.
  • Ministry Team Proposal Response- passed around from the Q&A meeting. Another Q&A possibly be held in the future.
  • Easton’s Place – Pastor Sean many good questions about the space utilization. Mostly used during the 10 o’clock service. No vote needed. Proposed change to begin this fall followed by a dedication.


Advance planning for next meeting, Monday August 20, 2018. Devotions: Karen Szymanowski


Items:     1)                                                                                                                                                                                                    2)

3)                                                                                              4)


  1. Reports from any Team, Committee or Officers
  • Karen of Worship Music & Arts- the heavenly harp concert was good. Approx. 60 in attendance
  • Dean of Property- mentioned he heard concerns about the District using our building. CONFIRMED: Verbal agreement that school will make changes to flooring, bathroom holders, they will clean bathrooms, ground fault outlets, fire, tornado plans the district will take care of it. Property team is our liaison with Steve Anderson of District 241.
  • Jens- Youth Gathering was a great trip, waiting to share with the congregation when the video system projection is back up.


  1. Heard any good jokes lately? Jens – What do you call an elephant who is able to many things at the same time…. Multi-tusker.
  2. Closing—Prayer requests, Prayers & The Lord’s Prayer
  • Adjournment at 9:00pm


Respectfully submitted,

Kristin Larson, FLC Council Secretary