Monday, January 15, 2018


  1. Called to Order by FLC Council President Steve Schulz at 6:38pm. Attendance recorded. Present: Steve Schulz, Kara Heinemann, Jens Levisen, Belinda Krysan, Joyce Fredin, Mollee Tscholl, John Holt, Deb Hanson, Donna Ludtke, Bonnie Trampel, Sean Forde, Dean Jensen, Craig Ludtke, Karen Szymanowski and Kristin Larson. Absent: Ann Hareid. Quorum noted & Motion for Adoption of Agenda with addition of Lighting to Capital Campaign under -IX. Business, Planning & Action Items – Jens L/ Mollee T
  2. Devotions & Prayer— Kara Heinemann Isaiah 41:10 “I will strengthen you and uphold you…”
  • Introduction of new FLCW Representatives- Donna Ludtke (present) and Karen Hovde (absent)
  1. Open Forum (if any)— none


  1. Secretary’s Report
    • Approval of Council meeting minutes from November 20, 2017 motion by Bonnie T/ Dean J and December 18, 2017 motion by Jens L / Joyce F. Both carried.


  1. Treasurer’s Report
    • December 2017, Financial Report Craig: Page by page: between 1003 & 1004 we have approx. $245,000 between these checking accouts. They are currently non-interest bearing. The envelope giving was 8.5% above 2016 and 5.4% above the budget. Great news! Motion to approve. Dean/Karen Approved.
    • General Fund: $78,260.58 – Endowment Fund: $8,138.66 – Designated Fund Amount: $4,099.38


  • Church Administrator’s Report
    • Short Term Goals *pink sheet* for 2018: kids church bags, Kara H/Joyce F purchased new supplies to fill the bags and a new activity each month. Ministry team has met. Jordan has confirmed members and graduating seniors, reaching out to active/inactive members. All the goals are in process/met. Top 5 goals in the annual meeting book and our dreams are in there as well. John/Kara have interviewed 7-9 candidates. Who do you feel should be present? Council had discussion. There was such a great turnout of candidates. Possibly someone by the end of February. Kara is busy working on the annual meeting.
    • Property Commission- Lawn Mower and V-Plow – Dean will talk to the commission. Is it something that we need? The office has been getting a very deep cleaning/organization. Some tools belonged to Steve and he took with him. Very few tools have been needed to be purchased. Norm Fredin donated many tools, drills, etc. Kara went through all of the papers. Duane Egge went through and noted some Safety concerns. Brien Heinemann went through and corrected/labeled noted concerns.


  • Pastors Report
  • Plans for Lent, Wednesday evenings will be different than Sundays. Ash Wednesday service, Noontime Lenten service instead 40 minutes 12:15pm-12:55pm with Communion. Other Wednesday noon services 12:15pm-12:45pm.
  • RENEW 10am-3pm, Saturday Feb 24 – Synod Event – Trinity in Owatonna. Register online by Feb 14. Pastor Sean is on the planning committee. If you want to go, contact Kara. It was suggested that the church pays for this event. Signup sheet sent around. Kara, John, Sean, Craig
  • Blue Earth River Conference Assembly – Trinity Lutheran Church 6 people signed up. February 11 from 2p-4p. Added Bonnie T to attend.
  • Pastor Sean: 2017 was a good year. Mission/Ministry. Looking forward to this year.
  • Long Range Planning – Tim Olson stopped at the church. Architect sent a proposal to FLC to utilize the upper two floors by using the elevator. The proposal includes each step it would do to get this up and running. $15,000 + travel expenses to complete this. Craig suggested 2-3 recommendations/reviews to check references. Maybe a local company would be considered. This is just information only. Gave copy of it to Craig, Steve, Kara, Kristin & John.
  • Sunday, April 29 Minnesota Teen Challenge *maybe the April cause of the month special offering*


  1. Business, Planning & Action Items
  • Special Outreach Calendar for 2018 – February through July approval: Jens L/Dean J Possible celebrate previous month’s outreach on the PowerPoint slides on Sunday mornings. Gideon presentation hopefully soon. Presenters/Presentations should be on non-Communion Sundays per Council recommendation.
  • Capital Campaign Fund – Lighting Endowment meeting talked about how to backstop the capital campaign fund. We would like to get the lighting project up and running. We will backstop $100,000. Endowment/Finance recommended the council to approve this amount. If the lighting is less, used for architectural projects. *if campaign approved* Discussion. Endowment talked about the capital campaign, could we support a couple hundred thousand. They were willing to move forward. Backstop is necessary to start even though we need to help raise the funds. Endowment will backstop at first. Old drawings (1950’s) showed the vision of the back parking lot and an elevator on the outside of the church. Q: Will the “look” remain? A: Yes, the bulbs will be updated. Q: If the council decides, do we set up something right away? A: “Pre-campaign” account? Pastor Sean suggests using Rally Day Sunday as a kick-off. Two separate projects. Paying for lighting and backstop the campaign. Should be brought up at the annual meeting. Council approval is only needed. MOTION: To backstop $100,000 for the initial costs of the capital campaign as recommended by the Endowment and Finance committees to begin the lighting updates by Dean Jensen, seconded by Joyce Fredin. Motion carries.
  • Phases for Endowment – listed above
  • Annual Meeting Preparation – DRAFT passed out to council members.



Advance planning for next meeting, Monday February 19, 2018, Devotions: Dean Jensen

1) Special Outreach Cause calendar                                                     2) building & grounds update

3)  Dean – equipment update                                   4)


  1. Reports from any commission, committee, or officers


  1. Closing—Jokes? Prayer requests, Prayers & The Lord’s Prayer
  • Adjournment at 8:55pm






2018—Planning Schedule for Special Outreach Causes for special offerings—2018
January Night to Shine July Compassion International
February Helping Families Fund August
March Noisy Offering–Sal. Army Food Shelf September Transportation for LWR
April Mn Adult / Teen Challenge October
May ShineFest November Noisy Offering–Sal. Army Food Shelf
June SEMCAC December


Commissions to share their decisions:

Life and Growth – nothing decided.

Evangelism – nothing decided.


Education – absent. Pastor Sean suggested waiting – possible month: August

WMA – nothing decided.


YOUTH: Jens- College care packages, THANK YOU, ELCA 19 youth, service projects going well, helped serve treats at st johns, Jordan will attend extravaganza jan 25-29 in Houston, feb 11 7-12 snowing/tubing

PROPERTY: Dean- Generator in garage, backup for the boiler, will make sure it’s running

Bonnie- did not meet

FLCW- successful holidays ahead $8900 split between global missions/helping families fund, paid off loan to church for Scrip cards

EVANGELISM: Deb H- telephone meetings, serving in the gathering space, Easter billboard choosing coming soon


LIFE & GROWTH: Joyce- Orientation in January. Motion for Approval of Phil & Sharon Koppelman as new members. Dean/Bonnie

STEWARDSHIP- Jan 28 4-6pm Connect-a-thon rescheduled date, announce at the annual meeting, food, childcare provided, stewardship drive possibly during Lent this year.

WORSHIP, MUSIC & ARTS: Karen They didn’t meet. Came to church and took down Christmas decorations. Church seasons, decorated for Epiphany. Liturgical Calendar was requested.  One was given.

MINISTRY TEAMS – Steve said they are meeting every couple weeks. Council rep questionnaires to be filled out, just beginning stages, Nominating would decide who would sit on council. The chair doesn’t have to be the one who sits on the council. They would share back to their teams.


Respectfully submitted,


Kristin Larson – FLC Council Secretary