Final Blog Post from JamaicaLeaving is always a hard thing to do.  You are excited to return home to what is familiar but are sad to leave the place you have become attached to.  A large group of people came to see us off, both children from the camp and adults we had worked with.  More hugs were given and questions asked of “When will you return?”  I hope that all of us get a chance to come back to Accompong at some point in the future, but probably in a different capacity of service.  JACOM is doing great things in the community and trying to make sure whatever is done is completed with equity in mind for the community.  Some of our campers were JACOM scholarship recipients with big hopes and dreams.  Some of the farmers who gave us a tour of their land work with the coop connected with JACOM and are appreciative of the knowledge and help they have been given.

Our trip down from Accompong to Montego Bay was uneventful, except for our experience with the Pimento tree.  Otley had one last lesson for us in the agriculture of Jamaica.  He stopped on the road long enough for Jordan to grab a branch with leaves and small fruit.  He told us the small berries are used for liquor and the leaves are sold to make novacaine.  We were told to pick a leaf and rub it in our hands.  It had a very distinct smell.  Then he told us if we wanted we could bite the leaf and our mouth would go numb.  Mallory was brave enough to try and instantly said her mouth went numb.  One bite was enough 🙂

We had to wait in line for checked baggage but that was the longest line we had to wait in all day.  Our flight from Montego Bay to Atlanta went smoothly.  The youth had time to find some food in Atlanta before our flight leaves.  They were really excited to have some familiar food again.

While there are many things we will miss, they have shared their opinion on what the won’t miss.  Humidity, cold showers, and the mosquitos.  Although two of which we have in Minnesota, but not to the same degree as Jamaica.

Thank you again for following along with us on our journey.  We are excited to share all of our stories, pictures, and God moments we experienced along the way.  Continue to pray for our group that we will not forget what we experienced and how each of us has God given talents and gifts we need to share we others.