Deep Thoughts by Connor LarsonWell hello there my friendly friends. This is Connor from Jamaica speaking. I just wanted to share some of my highlights and thoughts from this mission trip so far.

One of my favorite things so far was sitting on the beach at night watching the storm roll in and listening to the waves. It is so beautiful here in Accompong. I have considered moving here after high school and helping out with these kids. The churches have done a lot to help these kids and provide the camp for them. It is so amazing to me how much the kids love us.

It feels so good to see a kid’s face light up when you are dancing along with them or playing some futbol ( soccer ). There are some kids here that do not want to participate because they just do not care at all. These kinds of kids do not have a stable family to care for them. So in return they do not care for others, but when they are surrounded by caring people like us they start to change. And this is when I see that I am doing the true meaning of God’s work.

I love hanging out with these kids and playing with them. Even though some of them like to jump on me all the time. One of the highlights I have is the kids calling me Harry Potter, because I have glasses. My job for the MAD camp is to teach them a drama/skit. Seeing the kids actually getting into it and watching them doing their best makes me so happy.  They love doing it. Even though we have done a lot of work, there will always be work to be done here and other places on earth. I encourage all of you to make a impact on as many people as you can. It really shows in the end. Also to stop complaining about the heat because it is always hot down here. Haha. And guess what, I have learned how to cook some meals now and wash dishes. But I will still probably refuse to wash them at home.