Monday, December 18, 2017


  1. Meeting called to order by Council President Steve Schulz at 6:32pm, Attendance was recorded, Quorum noted & Motion for Adoption of Agenda with additions by Dean/Craig.


Present were: Pastor John, Bonnie Trampel, Jo Hanson, Deb Hanson, Dean Jenson, Joyce Fredin, Craig Ludtke, Steve Schulz, Kara Heinemann, Belinda Krysan, Pastor Sean, Ann Hareid, Karen Szymanowski, Jens Levisen and Kristin Larson. Absent was Mollee Tscholl.


  1. Devotions & Prayer— Jo Hanson “God is on Duty 24/7” & Ephesians 3:17-19 and Romans 8: 38-39
  • Open Forum (if any)—None


  1. Secretary’s Report
    • Unable to approve Council minutes from November 20, 2017 due to lost file. Need to recreate and approve at the January 15, 2018 meeting.


  1. Treasurer’s Report
    • Motion to approve the November 2017 Financial Report as presented by Craig Ludtke. Bonnie T/Jo H.
    • Checks paid- General Fund: $69,246.21, Endowment Fund: $27,931.34 Designated Fund: $7,583.87 – No action needed.


  1. Church Administrator’s Report- Kara Heinemann
    • Short Term Goals for 2018 are being worked on with Jordan Winter.
    • New commission chairpersons need to submit an annual report to be included in the Annual Meeting. These reports are due to Kara by January 12.


  • Pastors Report
    • Camera Projection Updates – Bids will be sought. Intentions are definitely in process. Hoping to project (ex: baptisms) onto the screen with use of a camera.
    • Steve Olson resignation, last day December 31, 2017.
    • Blue Earth River Conference Assembly at Trinity Lutheran on February 11, 2018. Motion to send these voting members: Jo Hanson, Joyce Fredin, Karen Szymanowski, Steve Schulz, Deb Hanson and Belinda Krysan. Dean/Jens. Motion to allow Council President Steve Schulz to delegate the others. Deb/Karen Both Motions approved.
    • Pastor Sean shared information about Night to Shine to be held at FLC on Feb 9. The committee has been working/planning for this event. They meet on Wednesday evenings.
    • Pastor John shared that Mayo Hospital (AL) has no paid pastor on duty. Pastors volunteer after HIPPA training to provide clergy visits. There is a card that is placed around the hospital for patients/family to view information to contact a member of the clergy, when needed or wanted.


  • Business, Planning & Action Items
  •   Some commission chairs were able to share their input for the 2018 Special Outreach Calendar. Kara will work on each request based on discussion of need/timing, etc. Each cause needs an explanation of what it is and a dollar goal to share with the donors.
  • Seminary Student Fund Policy and Procedures- Pastor John passed out the draft-proposal that he has been working on with input from the council. Council reviewed it. Motion to accept this 12-18-2017 draft-proposal was made by Jo Hanson and seconded by Bonnie Trampel. Discussion on who will make the decisions. The scholarship committee will help to decide. Motion Passed.
  • Seminary Student Fund balance was shared. Acct 3035.
  • Annual Congregational meeting Date- Sundays? After much discussion by the council a motion was made by Jens/Jo to have the meeting on January 21, 2018 at 11:45am. Life/Growth will provide a treat.
  • Sanctuary Lighting – Dean shared the cost between $50,000 -$75,000. Move forward? Wait? Council had much discussion and it was decided to continue this conversation at the January meeting. Long Range Planning for Elevator/Lighting/Bathrooms should be discussed with Endowments. Next Endowment meeting is January 15, 2018. Possible Phases of completion. Craig will be looking at the numbers to discuss next month.
  • Advance planning for next meeting, Monday January 15, 2018, Devotions: Kara Heinemann
  • Items: 1)         Special Outreach Calendar     2018                                       2) Capital Fund Campaign – Lighting

3)                                                                      4)


  1. Reports from any commission, committee, or officers

Stewardship- Connect-a-thon (bring your cellphone) on Sunday January 7, 2018 from 6p-8p. Calling inactive members of the congregation.

First Lutheran Ministry Teams- Kara passed out an informational sheet to council pointing out the Team names/Main focus of each team.


  1. Heard any good jokes lately? PJ: There was a parrot with bad language. After several attempted Finally it was put in the freezer for discipline purposes. Upon coming out of the freezer, the parrot apologized and asked, “What did the turkey do?”
  2. Closing—Prayer requests, Prayers & The Lord’s Prayer, closing Litany
  • Adjournment 8:50pm



Respectfully submitted,


Kristin Larson, FLC Council Secretary




2017—Planning Schedule for Special Outreach Causes for special offerings—2017
January LWR-Disaster Relief July Compassion International
February Helping Families Fund August  Snack Cart Scholarships
March Noisy Offering–Sal. Army Food Shelf September Transportation for LWR
April SEMCAC-Homeless Shelter October  Haiti Mission Trip
May ShineFest November Noisy Offering–Sal. Army Food Shelf & Kids Backpacks
June Hospice –Albert Lea December  Soles for Jesus