Jamaca Day TwoGreetings from Jamaica!

Saturday was a long day of enjoying our last moments on the beach, buying the last of the needed supplies, and making our way up the mountain to Accompong Town, Jamaica.  Snorkeling was a blast and all of the youth had a great time looking for the fish swimming amongst the rocks.  We all ended up with a mouthful of saltwater at some point. 🙂

On our way up the mountain we enjoyed a “guided” tour from our driver, Otley.  He told us about different aspects of Jamaican culture and provided a few stops for us to eat some in season fruit and delicious seafood stews.  Another stop brought some drinks of coconut water and eating the coconut meat (this was a favorite for Connor especially).  We were greeted by some of the children of Accompong with smiles and hugs at our first stop once we reached town.  At 8:00 we finally made it to the Peterson Center.  We unpacked the tour van and settled into our rooms.

We are having so much fun! God is ALIVE! Keep praying for success, and that the great message of Jesus would be alive!