Jamaca Day ThreeSunday brought a visit to a local church.  We had our first taste of the long, hot, sweaty walks common to living in the mountains for Jamaica.  We ended up going to a local United Church of Christ church.  We left at 9:00 hoping to catch a service at 9:30 at one of the churches.  We soon found out that church in the summer was later.  The first service we checked on didn’t start until 11:30.  The next church we found started at 10:30.  We decided to stay and wait for the service to start.

The service was definitely different.  Some of the youth mentioned that it was hard to understand the preacher even though he was speaking English.  Our devotional this morning was about using words to connect with others.  The message was about the words Jesus spoke were not like words spoken by anyone else and our words can be used to help or hurt others.  We needed to use our words to help others and spread God’s message.  It was definitely a God thing! We clapped and sang along with the other members.  We were blown away by their willingness to step up and sing on short notice.

After church we walked back to the Peterson Center and prepared our lunch meal.  We took the afternoon to unpack, organize, and get to know the children who were hanging around the Peterson Center.  Jean and Faith worked on organizing the kitchen and store room. The youth were playing soccer and talking with the children.  The children loved the attention!  We can tell what an impact the other groups had on these children.  They asked us about youth from previous teams and even serenaded us during our supper with the songs they learned during MAD camp.  We enjoyed a supper made by Violet and her crew, it was delicious.  And, yes, everyone has been trying new food, even picky eaters.

Continue to pray for us on this journey that we will use our words and actions to connect with others, sharing God’s love and word. Pray for health and safety of our team that we can continue to work the long days needed to plan and conduct our MAD camp.  Pray for the children of Accompong and MAD camp that they experience the love of Christ and continue to learn how to walk with Christ.

Thanks for your continued support!  Monday will bring us a tour of a local farm and planning for our camp.