Jamaca Day SixThank you for your prayers, God certainly was working in our group today!  The adults decided to let the youth sleep in today as we were running ragged after the first day of MAD Camp.  We ate breakfast at 9:00, so even the breakfast crew was able to sleep in.  We took our time with clean up and devotions.  We were then able to take some time to make a plan of attack for MAD Camp day 2.

After a lunch of quesadillas made by Connor and Mallory, we got down to business with camp.  During food prep, Connor made the comment that he was glad they are able to participate in the cooking as he now knows how to make a few more meals.  I think that is an invitation to cook for the family :).

Our day went MUCH better today!  All of the groups went smoothly and the youth felt more comfortable in their roles as leaders.  I wonder if in all of our thinking and preparation, we forgot to just let go and let God.  Last night during our devotional, we spent time talking about how we could involve more of prayer, the Bible, and talking about living like Christ in our camp activities.  We plan on involving more prayer into our camp activities for tomorrow.

Jordan and I are seeing our youth grow as leaders and role models.  They are taking the time to get after the children when they swear or fight.  Even though they could react in an angry manner, they take the time to explain and show the children they care about how they act.  They are showing love as they teach the children how to act in a Christ like manner.

As I type this, I am hearing the playing, talking, and laughing of our youth with the Jamaican children. God provided so much strength that after dinner, they headed back down to play with the children.  I saw so much joy in everyone’s faces today, in camp, after camp, after dinner.  God’s spirit is alive in our youth and they are truly sharing God’s love.  It is amazing to be a part of and witness.

Tomorrow will be a long day for us.  We are hiking to the city center to shop from local craftsmen, then MAD camp day three, and after this a movie night.  Pray for us to have lasting strength for the day.  Pray that our last full “normal” day of MAD camp goes as smoothly as today went with God’s guidance.  Pray for our campers and their families that during our Friday performance they experience God’s love and message in a new, radical way.  We pray that they will know God’s love and know that Christ came to save us all even in our sinful state.

In Christ,
The Jamaica Team