Day se7enGood evening from Jamaica!  We made it through our long day!  Our morning started off with a walk into town to visit the community center where a couple local artists had their crafts out for us.  One of them was our tour guide, Taishan, and the other was Tyrone, whose family makes drums.  Three of the youth had already bought drums from Tyrone!  The crafts we were able to purchase were mostly jewelry.  Taishan told Jordan that I could pick out a piece for our anniversary; it was so sweet of him!  It was also great to meet the people who made the crafts we purchased.

We were also able go into the museum in the community center. In the museum was more information about the history of the Maroon people and other aspects of the historical life of the Maroons.  Some of the children with us showed the youth the anaconda that was in a barrel behind the building.  The girls were a little grossed out by the snake.

We were a little tired this afternoon but found the energy for the afternoon activities.  Right before we were to start the opening activity, there was a downpour.  Not Minnesota downpour, a Jamaica downpour.  The wind blew, the lightening struck, and the thunder rumbled.  Tanner and Noah had taken the time to blow up the big ball we had hauled all the way to Jamaica before MAD camp, but then the rain came.  Sadly, the campers weren’t able to play with it.  All of our activities were moved inside at the last minute.  Even though this could have caused great frustration, the youth and the campers were flexible and went with the flow. It rained the whole time we were having camp and ended just in time for snack.  That was good timing….must have been planned 🙂

The show still went on during the evening.  Jean, Faith, and I worked on popping popcorn and filling bags with the popcorn and goodies after camp.  We took a break to eat so our group came up to the veranda to have supper.  Jordan set up the projector and screen down in the youth room and when the treats were ready the youth brought it down.  They watched the movie “Ice Age.”  It seemed to be a hit.  After the late night, the youth were a bit tired, but still kicking.

Tomorrow we are taking a hike to “Tony’s Retreat” and conducting the community performance in the afternoon.  It is our last full day in Jamaica.

Pray for God to give us the strength to finish our last full day. Pray for our campers and their performance that God speaks through them and uses them to share his love and message.