Jamaca Day FourGreetings from Jamaica!

We are currently enjoying the coolness that comes with the setting sun.  Just when we think we are too hot and sweaty, God blesses us with the sunset and cool breezes.  Today brought more adventures around Accompong.  Harris Cawley, a local farmer and also our preacher from church on Sunday, gave us a tour of his farmland. We learned about caring for and harvesting cacao (used to make chocolate), coffee beans, bananas, plantains, and sugar cane.  We were able to taste the cacao pods, bananas, and sugar cane.  Noah and Connor tried a “bird pepper.”  The peppers were smaller than a dime but packed a powerful punch.  The rest of us were okay we didn’t try them!  To eat the sugar cane, they strip the outer bark and cut off the plant into smaller rods. You can bit off chunks and chew on the fibers to release the juices.After spending our time at Harris’ farm, we walked a little farther into town and stopped at a local shop for refreshing beverages. We tried Ginger Beer (ginger ale but with a stronger ginger taste), Grapefruit pop, and “bag juice.” A few of us talked with George, the shop owner, and asked about the squawking birds in the cage in the shop.

The afternoon brought more time spent with the children who hang out at the Peterson Center.  We also met with some of the Jamaican leaders of MAD camp.  They gave us a run down of what has happened in past weeks and also performed some of the numbers that they have already learned. We are hoping to teach them a new dance, signing song, and drama.

We had an amazing supper of fried fish and a fruit that grows in trees but can only be eaten when the pods expand.  It looked like scrambled eggs but tasted different.  After supper, it was a mad rush to learn, organize, and strategize what each of the youth is leading tomorrow.  Tanner and Noah are working on games.  Will and Joee are teaching a new signing choir song.  Tori and Mal are teaching the new dance.  Connor and Jordan are working on teaching a new drama called the “Everything” skit.

More practice and preparation will take place tomorrow afternoon before the camp commences.  We are going on a history tour and visiting local shops tomorrow morning.

Pray for us to let God work through us even if we feel insufficient for the task.  Pray that God uses our talents to show the children how worshipping takes many different forms.  Continue to pray for health and safety of our team and children attending camp. Until tomorrow…