Whew, we were glad that we got a late breakfast time this morning.  There are 3 shifts of meal times to accommodate the large number of people at the camp.  We dine al fresco under an open air pavilion with the ocean breezes blowing.

After breakfast it was time for a large group session.  Our “blue group” was assigned to enter up front today.  We are able to get an up close view of the stage.  The speaker this morning talked about the theme of “We Are For.”  He talked about the brand of Christianity and what it is known for in our society at large, mostly what we are against.  He mentioned that we should work to be known for what “We Are For” as Christians such as love, grace, forgiveness, compassion, etc.  Our small group session focused on how we can do this in our own lives.

The afternoon brought beach time.  With a red flag for the ocean, the youth were unable to go far out to swim but stayed on shore in the shallow water.  Despite this, they were able to get some fun in the sun.  Some of them also enjoyed the pool.  The wind was nice even though it made us unable to swim.




After supper we were able to enjoy worshiping on the beach before a rain cloud rolled it.  It was a beautiful night in creation.


For our evening session, the focus was on “We Are Human.”  The speaker made a connection between what we feel and experience as humans and what Jesus experienced as a human.  He got hungry, tired, angry, and sad, experiencing much of what we experience.  Jesus went beyond this.  Paraphrasing for the speaker, Jesus was a King who became a peasant who died for peasants.  He died as a human, setting aside His deity.  This made an impact on many of our youth! Death on the cross was made more realistic for them and it was powerful to experience it with them.

Pray for continued faith growth for our youth.  It is amazing some of their reflections that have occurred with just 24 hours.  Pray for the strength to continue to enjoy their time here (lack of sleep is starting to take its toll).