We made it!!!



As you can see the look of excitement was almost too much to contain.  The ocean was a beautiful site after so many hours in the car.  We agreed that it was worth the drive.

We headed out from Prattville, AL and made our way through the rest of Alabama.  We encountered some rain but made it safely to Panama City Beach.  We checked in with the staff and then the youth headed down to the beach.  A bit windy but the sun, sand, and water felt great!


We found out that there are 1,550 people registered for the camp this weekend.  WOW!  We wonder if we have traveled the farthest, but since check in we managed to find a group from Michigan.  They seemed excited to know they weren’t the only ones from the Midwest.

Our evening started with dinner and then a session in the “Big Room.”  It was an explosion for the senses.  We had a small worship time, some large group games, and a speaker.  The youth were engaged and having fun.  As one of them said, “I usually lose attention easily with speakers and I didn’t at all with him.”  The message tonight was being ready, ready to be who God made us to be.  We are His Masterpiece, His Creation, God created who He wanted us to be.  We are ready to be who we are in Christ.


Tomorrow will be a whirlwind of a day, jam packed with large and small group sessions, along with free time at the beach and pool.

Pray for our youth to feel God moving in them and that they embrace the experience here at BigStuf wholeheartedly.  Pray they come back to Albert Lea changed and ready to live out their faith.

Also, pray that they stay hydrated and don’t end up a tomato after tomorrow, hopefully they heed our warnings to slather on the sunscreen!