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2020-2021 Confirmation

At FLC, our confirmation program is intended to bring 7th-9th graders into a place where they can ask questions and learn as they sort out what Jesus means in their own lives.  We aim to help them find the relevance of faith for their everyday lives.

We work closely with the kids in small groups and focus on relationships centered in faith in Jesus. This means that we have discussion, questions and openness, we watch movies, write our own skits, and do service work in the name of Jesus Christ. We will study the Old and New Testament, Luther’s Catechisms, and we will discuss relevant topics facing youth today.

We meet on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 for a time interactive teaching and discussion, digging into the stories of the Bible, and small group time to build relationships and share faith, prayers, and laughter.

Our students are confirmed the fall of their 10th grade year.