FLC Church Council

The mission of the FLC Council is to plan, coordinate and evaluate the overall program of the congregation, as per the Mission Statement and Preamble to the Constitution.

The church council meets the third Monday of every month in the FLC Parlor at 6:30.



Members of the 2017-2018 Church Council

President- Steve Schulz- Steve@solidwoodproducts.net

Vice President- Belinda Krysan-  belinda627@hotmail.com

Treasurer- Craig Ludtke- craigludtke@cmc-riskmgt.com

Secretary- Kristin Larson- mnklarson@yahoo.com

Education Chair- Ann Hareid- hareid21401@msn.com

Worship, Music & Art Chair- Karen Szymanowski-  Kszyman@charter.net

Youth Chair-Jens Levisen- jens.levisen@gmail.com

Social Ministry Chair- Bonnie Trampel- Trampel1942@gmail.com

Property Chair- Dean Jensen- deanjensen@citilink.net

Evangelism Chair- Deb Hanson- debson705@msn.com

Stewardship Chair- Mollee Tscholl- mtscholl@cmc-riskmgt.com

Life and Growth Chair- Joyce Fredin- nefredin@charter.net