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Church Council Minutes

June Minutes

Monday, June 19, 2017


  1. Called to Order by Vice President Belinda Krysan at 6:30pm. In attendance are Belinda Krysan, Craig Ludtke, Ann Hareid, Mollee Tscholl, Jens Levisen, Karen Szymanowski, Bonnie Trampel, Joyce Fredin, Deb Hanson, Dean Jensen, Jo Hanson, Kara Heinemann, Kristin Larson, John Holt and Jenny Edwin. Absent is Steve Schulz. Quorum & Motion for Adoption of Agenda made by Dean Jensen and seconded by Jo Hanson. Approved.
  2. Devotions & Prayer given by Craig Ludtke – Acknowledge your Blessings…all around you.
  • Open Forum – none


  1. Secretary’s Report
    • Motion for Approval of FLC Council meeting minutes from May 15, 2017 by Deb Hanson, seconded by Bonnie Trampel. Approved.


  1. Treasurer’s Report
    • May 2017, Financial Reports and
    • Approval of General Fund checks numbered 18565 through 18659 for […]
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May Minutes

Monday, May 15, 2017

  1. The FLC council meeting was called to order by outgoing President Chad Adams at 6:30pm., Council Secretary Kristin Larson recorded the attendance, Introduction of all Members present (current & incoming) Chad Adams, Steve Schulz, Jo Hanson, Pastor Sean Forde, Mollee Tscholl, Belinda Krysan, Karen Szymanowski, Cindy Gilbert, Bonnie Trampel, Deb Hanson, Dorothy Blom, Tom Hovde, Joyce Fredin, Ann Hareid, Dean Jensen, Craig Ludtke, Pastor John Holt and Kristin Larson. Absent were Joe LaFrance and Jens Levisen. Quorum & Motion for Adoption of Agenda approval by Cindy Gilbert and seconded by Dean Jensen. Approved.
  2. Devotions & Prayer— Steve Schulz shared “Resolving Conflict” Galations 6:1
  • Open Forum – none
  1. Secretary’s Report
    • Approval of Council meeting minutes from April 17, 2017 by Craig/Bonnie
    • Review […]
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