13 youth and 2 adults on a Mission Trip to Cincinnati from June 25 – July 1, 2016.


Cincinnati FridayWe made it home!  Friday was a long day of travel.  We got up early, packed our stuff, and helped clean up the church.  Then we headed for home.  The van ride home was good.  Everyone was exhausted from our full week of service.  Most of the youth slept in the vans.  Thank you for all of your prayers over the last week.  We really appreciate everything the First Lutheran congregation has done for us.  We look forward to sharing our experience with everyone.  We will present a short video in both services on Sunday July 24th.

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Wednesday & Thursday

Today’s devotional was around the response to God’s love:  GOD FIRST LOVED YOU, SO WORSHIP GOD.  Psalm 34:8 Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.  We talked about unique ways you can worship God.  Worship can look different for different people at different times, but this is the general definition:
Worship: to honor with extravagant love and extreme submission
Today at the Y was another busy day.  The kids were happy to see us back and anxious to interact.  We all have learned the “Fire circle” they do every morning and have fun dancing with all of the kids at 10:00 AM.   Everyone got to go swimming, a favorite of the kids at the Y and of […]

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The next few days

Cincinnati 2It’s been a really busy last few days….  So busy we didn’t have time to update the blog.  Today we finally had a little free time so here is a run-down of the last couple of days:
We had a fantastic day today.  The church service was great, we were witness to recognition of two Pastors 50th anniversary of ordination.  After church we headed to the Reds game.  It was a hot one, and again we saw a historic event.  Pete Rose’s jersey was retired – and the Red’s won!  After the game we treated ourselves to a much needed ice cream treat and then to the church to get settled for the week ahead.  We are […]

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Day 1 part 2

Cincinnati at Prince of PeaceWe arrived in Cincinnati at Prince of Peace church around 9:00 PM safe and sound.  We had a very safe journey with minor traffic delays.  We are grateful for our safe journey and look forward to a restful night sleep to join the congregation here for 8:45 service.  Following worship we will be heading to the Reds baseball game.  We look forward to a fun day and then will be checking in to YouthWorks for our week to follow.  We will be serving this week through YouthWorks in Christ-centered missions here in Cincinnati.  We will try  blog at the end of each day to update on our experiences.

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Day 1

Saturday.  The day we head to Cincinnati.  We will be spending the majority of our day in the vans.  It’s not the most enjoyable having to spend the day in a vehicle but we are thankful we can make it to our destination in one day.  This will give us the opportunity to spend Sunday doing some fun activities around the city.  As we travel please pray for: our drivers – that they will be alert and attentive(as it will be a long day of driving), our youth – that they will be patient travelers, and the drivers we encounter on the road – that they travel safe.  Thank you for your support.  We look forward to having a good week!

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