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Bible Study

Current Series:

The Protestant Reformation
7 Week Bible Study

A study on some of the main contributors of the Reformation.  (“The Other Reformers”)

Tuesday Evenings at 7:00 pm, and

Wednesday Mornings at 9:30 am

Sept. 12-13 —  Luther
Sept. 19-20 —  Hus
Sept. 26-27 —  Zwingli
Oct. 3-4 —  Calvin
Oc.t 10-11 —  Wycliffe
Oct. 17-18 —  Wesley
Oct. 24-25 —  Simmons

People sometimes gather at 9:00 am on Wednesday mornings for visiting and fellowship.

Our time together begins with a brief time of prayer, then we move into the Bible study for the day. Bring your own Bible or use one that we have available for you.

This Bible study is very laid back, come if you can, participate in discussion if you would like, if not that is fine too. No one will be called upon that doesn’t want to be.

Coffee and water are served.